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We are the best again! ALSECO JSC passed successfully external recertification audit according to ISO 9001:2008
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ALSECO CJSC was established.

The common database of individuals, power consumers in Almaty was collected.

Started typing bills, receiving and processing payments.


APC CJSC subscription services were provided with the direct access to the centralized database of individuals (APC MPDN CJSC 5 regional operational services and headquarters).


The centralized database of heat power consumers was implemented.

The Hot Line directory inquiry service for consumers started operating.


The Metering Device Reading Service was established and they started door-to-door visits to power and hot water consumers.

Several pieces of software were developed and commissioned for Almatyintergas CJSC and APC CJSC


Ringer software and hardware complex was brought into service; it allows ringing round the debtors with outstanding electricity or heat bills.

KazTransGas Distribution (Shymkent) was connected to the corporate network of ALSECO CJSC. Mode of operations: the database server is located in Almaty; user workstations are in Shymkent.

ALSECO CJSC Operational Department started printing bills and processing payments for natural gas for KazTransGas Distribution JSC (Shymkent).

They started door-to-door visits to natural gas consumers. 


KazTransGas Distribution JSC’s natural gas supplier TUGH (Taraz Gas Service Department) LLP (Taraz) was connection to ALSECO CJSC’s corporate network; they work on metering natural gas consumption by population (the database server is located in Almaty; user workstations of KazTransGas Distribution JSC’s natural gas supplier TUGH LLP are in Taraz).

They started printing bills and processing payments for natural gas from consumers of KazTransGas Distribution JSC’s TUGH LLP (Taraz).

ALSECO CJSC’s centralized database was supplemented with information concerning natural gas consumers.

The Innovative Developments Group was established in ALSECO CJSC’s structure for the purpose of updating and optimizing the software and hardware complex.

The Project Manager Unit was established for all lines of operations in order to optimize the company’s structure and improve field-marketing performance.


ALSECO CJSC became a certified Microsoft partner.


The Contract for automation of collection, processing and issuing bills for power resources was signed with Zhaiykteploenergo CJSC (Uralsk).


ALSECO CJSC was reregistered and became a Joint-Stock Company – ALSECO JSC.

Extension of cooperation with UKUGH (South Kazakhstan Gas Service Department) LLP with respect to software improvement and work with regional centers where UKUGH LLP supplies natural gas for population.


Extension of cooperation with UKUGH (South Kazakhstan Gas Service Department) LLP with respect to software improvement and work with legal entities.

Signing Contract and starting working with KazTransGaz-Tbilisi LLC (Tbilisi, Georgia) with respect to analysis of merchandizing arrangement and subscription work with consumers.

Starting cooperation with Energocenter JSC (Pavlodar): ALSECO JSC analyzed functionality of Energocenter JSC’s software designed for subscription work with customers and developing recommendations for SW optimization.

Starting cooperation with KUAT Corporation JSC, such as arranging collecting of IMD readings for hot water, cold water and electricity from citizens of KUAT Corporation residential complexes to issue utility bills.

Starting cooperation with AlmatyEnergoSbyt LLP as a part of joint operation and performing works for APC JSC with respect to updating and improving software designed to measure and monitor electricity consumption.

Commissioning of the software and hardware complex for recording and control of gas consumption in Tbilisi for KazTransGas-Tbilisi LLC.


Signing a contract for preliminary review of selling activities and subscription work with heat consumers with Energocenter JSC (Pavlodar).

Starting cooperation with the Public Fund of Social and Economic Development of the City (Kyzylorda) with respect to pre-design inspection of housing and public utilities in Kyzylorda in order to establish a single data processing center for utilities.

Starting cooperation with Vodokanal SUE (Almaty) with respect to recording and control of cold water consumption and wastewater removal.

Signing a contract for automation of recording and control of electricity in Almaty Region with AlmatyEnergoSbyt LLP.

ALSECO JSC became the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.


New company’s website was launched –

A contract for introduction of lines “Land Tax” and “Property Tax” was signed with the Almaty Tax Committee.

ALSECO JSC celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Successful registration of subsidiary ERC-Astana (Single Processing Center) in Astana.


A contract was signed for printing and delivering bills for services with ALMA-TV JSC.


A contract was signed for billing services with Almatyteplokommunenergo JSC.


The company extended the range of services. Now they provide process testing audit services and SW testing training services.

The company was successfully certified for compliance with international quality standards ISO 9001:2008

The new SW was developed and implemented based on 1С 8.2 platform to record electricity

The new SW was developed to record heat (individuals) 

The new SW was developed and implemented to keep records with respect to vehicles for the Almaty Tax Department

ALSECO. User’s Account Android-based mobile application was developed with an option of sending photos of metering devices that increased a number of readings sent
The application is among TOP 25 of free apps from Google Play Market 

A single processing center was established in Kapchagay 

The Company celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2013. The new corporate design was created 

The Company was awarded with a certificate and a medal Leader of Kazakhstan 2013 “…for significant contribution to the development of economy of Kazakhstan, setting high operational standards, efficiency and support of international image of the country as a developed state.

The National Business Rating of Kazakhstan”   


SW for taking of readings of metering devices (MD) with the help of pocket personal computers and Consumer’s Account for power engineers in East Kazakhstan Region was developed and implemented 

Information System of Non-Production Payment Administration (SNPPA IS) SW was successfully launched in the tax authorities in Aktau and Uralsk 

IT security audit system was implemented

Pursuant to the Law On Protection of Personal Data, the company together with utility providers launched the system for bill folding, i.e. citizens of Almaty and Almaty Region started receiving bills folded as a sized envelope


A contract for maintenance of Information System of Non-Production Payment Administration (SNPPA IS) SW was signed with Aktau akimat 

ALSECO.iERC SW was developed

Alseco Power SW for electricity recording for legal entities was developed and implemented

Integrated monitoring system of servers and switching equipment was implemented

Information System of Non-Production Payment Administration (SNPPA IS) SW was successfully implemented in the State Revenue Departments in Atyrau and Kokshetau

A single utility bill started to be printed for the citizens of Almaty Region


A contract for UKP-Water SW provision was signed with Kokshetau Su Arnassy SBSE with REM. The software was implemented in the same month

Copyright State Registration Certificate was received for ALSECO.iERC SW

A contract for ALSECO.iERC provision was signed with Kokshetau Zhylu SBSE with REM 

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