Visiting Heroes Again!
ALSECO JSC has a good longstanding tradition to honour the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and the homefront workers...
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ALSEKO JSC at the HUS-EXPO-2016 International Forum in Astana
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Our social activities

Social Activities

In its business ALSECO acts from not only commitments to Clients and Law, but also ethical standards, common human values to be responsible to the Society. 
ALSECO’s social responsibility is not a rule – it is our company’s ethical standard taken into consideration in decision-making process all the time. 

This page will tell you a little about social projects implemented by ALSECO

ALSECO Blood Drive Social Event

The World Blood Donor Day is celebrated annually on June 14. We are deeply concerned about what is happening in the society and how we can improve life of our country fellows – those we live close to, those our children go to school with, those we work or make friends with. That is why eleven ALSECO employees participated in the social event arranged by our company for the first time in 2012 and gave about 5 liters of blood in total. 
In 2013, AlmatyEnergoSbyt LLP’s and Almaty Heat Networks LLP’s employees joined ALSECO’s donors. Eight liters of blood were collected through the event in 2013. 

Greetings to the Great Patriotic War Veterans on the Victory Day

ALSECO provides annual charity assistance to the Disabled People’s Society of Almaly District in Almaty and gives presents to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and war workers. 
It grieves us to see that a number of people, who stood for our freedom, is decreasing from year to year – ALSECO’s employees greeted 37 veterans in 2013, three less than in 2012… 

Orphanages under Patronage

ALSECO helps two orphanages – the Baby Home (Almaty Region, Karakystak Village) and Zhanuya specialized complex for children suffering from grave central nervous system diseases. 
ALSECO’s employees give clothes, toys, shoes, and devices to the children under patronage. 
The new dishes were bought for children in Zhanuya special complex in March 2014. 

ALSECO’s employees made a garden for children from the Baby Home (Karakystak Village) in April 2014. They planted more than 60 apple and pear transplants. Two or three years later children will be able to eat apples grown in their own garden. 

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