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Information for banks

Single Processing Centers (hereinafter referred to as SPC or ERC) currently process utility payments in Astana, Almaty, Kapshagay:

           Astana ERC LLP in Astana

           ALSECO JSC in Almaty

           Kapshagay Turgyn Uy in Kapshagay


The Banks accept payments. When accepting payments under paper bills, the Bank’s managers take the following actions on a daily basis:

  • Accept money from a payer;

  • Enter the amount of payment into the Bank system;

  • Stamp the bill with a cash desk seal;

  • Tear off their part of the bill;

  • Collect the bills in a bundle;

  • Keep a register of such bundles; and

  • Send the payments accepted for a day to ERC.


Then ERC accepts bundles of bills, processes them (post the amounts by services), generates and submits a sheet of payment allocation the Bank; the Bank transfers month to settlement accounts of utility providers based on such sheet.


In addition, there are ways of bill payment online. For this purpose, ALSECO JSC developed and provided the Banks with a service designed to accept payments by ERC accounts in the following ways:

  • on the Bank’s website – online banking system;

  • via kiosks and other payment systems; or

  • with the service integrated into the Bank’s teller’s workplace.

This service is convenient for both people paying utility bills and the Bank. 

What are the benefits for the Bank?

1.      Increased number of ways of payment reduces load to the cash desks accepting payments under ERC bills.

2.      With the service integrated into the workplace, the Bank’s teller can see an image of the bill with the amounts payable with a personal account number input, so the bank teller needs just edit the amounts payable for the service, if required, enter the readings from the bill and accept the payment; after that the payment automatically goes to the ERC database. In such a case:

  • time for collection of paper bills is reduced;

  • time for collecting bills into the bundles is reduced;
  • time for register generation is reduced;

  • time for and costs of daily delivery of paid bills to ERC are reduced;

  • no discrepancies between the amount on the Bank’s stamp and the amount in the bill resulting in return of unprocessed bills from ERC to the Bank; and

  • no return of bills from ERC to the Bank due to unprocessibility of the bills, if a personal account on the bill cannot be found in ERC database, etc.

Contact Details

5th floor, 221 Baizakov Street

050026, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Phone: +7 (727) 277-50-05
Fax: +7 (727) 378-08-01

Visiting Hours:
221 Baizakov Street, below Karassay Batyr Street (100 meters), 1st floor
Mo-Fr, from 8:00 to 16:30 (no lunch break)
Saturday and Sunday are days off.

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