Visiting Heroes Again!
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Visiting Heroes Again!

This year was not an exception… and will never be an exception until there is a single participant of that war living in Almaty to bring greetings and say ‘thank you’ for the Victory! Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer our dear veterans from year to year. However, it makes us happy that there are still those for whom to bring presents and express gratitude. And we would like to express deep gratitude to the Almaly Regional Branch of the Organization of Veterans of the Republic of Kazakhstan Public Association for their support and assistance.

Our employees are always happy to visit veterans and listen to their interesting unique war and life stories. Sometimes the stories bring a tear to everyone’s eye when a storyteller tells the visitors about their friends, mates and close ones acquired and lost during the war years… There are strong lifelong love stories, deeds and lessons to us, young people. Generally, all veterans have one opinion in common: any financial crises, drops and rises mean nothing compared to war. There is nothing in the world more terrifying and destroying than the war! Unfortunately, there are WWII veterans left by their children and relatives at such an elderly age. Some of them were left alone and unwanted with living relatives in spite of their heroic past. They brought up everyone, put them on their legs, helped them and now they are living in such neglect, which is hard to imagine. Thanks God, there are just few of them, but still they exist and such injustice makes our hearts ache. However, we feel happy to see a different story – when young people give their comfort and time, surround their parents and grandparents with care, cleanness, attention and warmth. It is a pleasure to look at such families and they help to keep a peace of mind! 

Of course, all veterans were happy to see us and have presents from ALSECO JSC. How could it be otherwise? These people, who experienced terrible hardships and hunger of war and postwar period, are happy with everything given to them by their life. They were especially impressed by the performance made by our colleague from the IT Department Alexandr Blak, who made a tour with teams of volunteers from the company’s employees along the veterans’ homes and sang strong painfully familiar songs of war years. Alexandr is a talented musician who puts his heart into every song. Therefore all elderly people appreciated such special gesture. An elderly woman Valentina Ivanovna even invited her friends living nearby to get together at the same table to listen to Alexandr and sing along their favourite songs. She did not let him go for a long time!

Another veteran Pavel Timofeyevich, a participant of military operations in the Far East, who has already celebrated his 90th anniversary, felt better from Alexandr’s songs! 

When ALSECO’s employees came to visit him, they saw the old man mainly staying in his bed, because unfortunately he could not walk and see. His son Victor (who is also a military man) is always close to his father and does his best to encourage him. The veteran was very pale and weak, but when Alexandr started singing, both the exterior and the inward of Pavel Timofeyevich changed! Everyone could see him listening attentively, trying fingering to the music and his face glowing. 

The company will keep visiting the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and we urge other to do the same! These people will live in the memory and heart of our people, our country until we remember and honour their deed.

Lest we forget! 

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