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Production Services

Production services include the work of the Production Department, whose activities are quite complicated, various and effort-consuming.



Printing bills in the state language and in Russian to be paid by the population for services consumed, delivery of such bills and processing of information from paid bills, phone enquiry service to deal with the population, submitting required reports to customers and receiving information from them to adjust the database – all of that are major objectives of the Production Department. 


In accordance with the objectives set, the Production Department ensure fulfillment of the following functions:

1. Input of payment information into the database; 

2. Keeping records on regulatory and reference information; 

3. Calculating amounts payable for services at fixed rates (service for Cooperatives of Apartment Owners (KSK), intercom companies and other service companies); 

4. Printing bills for service consumers; 

5. Processing paid bills received from the banks; 

6. Generating registers of payments received by banks; 

7. Generating payment allocation sheet by banks; 

8. Keeping balance for payments for services; 

9. Providing service providers with information concerning payments made: 

· sheets, 

· reports, 

· e-files. 

10. Receiving information from service providers concerning charges and adjustments: 

· sheets, 

· e-files. 

11. Adjusting data. 

In addition to the above, the Production Department ensures signing standard contracts with KSK, keeping archive, dealing with the population related to bills paid, preparing additional information based on providers' letters. 


In case of any questions related to bills, any utility consumer may call the phone inquiry service designed to save time and reduce costs of consumers and service providers. 


Together with the Programming Department, the Production Department participates in task setting for improvement of data processing technologies and in implementation and commissioning of software products. 

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