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Software Development

Customized development of software is one of the core lines of ALSECO JSC’s business.

The software development department designs both small personal applications and programs and large-scale information systems. In this area, we can offer the following:

·         development of information systems;

·         customized software development  - semi-automation; and

·         maintenance of information systems.


Development of information systems is a multistage project, including examination, analytical and management activities, designing, implementation and maintenance in addition to development. ALSECO JSC’s specialists have all required knowledge, experience and qualifications to succeed at all stages of development and commissioning of information systems. In our work we are based on the following principles:


1. Careful analysis of the subject area; 

2.  Making a model of future software; 

3.  Using advanced technologies in software and database development; 

4.  Professional team of programmers and mathematicians; 

5.  Licensed software programming support environment; 

6.  Deep comprehensive testing of finished software product; and

7. Maintaining at the stage of implementation and operation of the software developed.  


Such approach enables us to develop high-quality software and databases and do it for a short period of time in a reliable and cost-efficient manner.


Our goal is not only to develop convenient and reliable software, but also to interact with the users to meet their needs. If our Customers wish, we reengineer existing systems and develop new, modern information complexes for development and design of programs and software based on such systems to consider unique features of your company’s operation and your business. 

Our company guarantees high quality of developed software.


ALSECO currently offers Software (SW) for automation of operation of utility service providers. Software and Hardware Complexes (SHC) for power supply companies, heat supply companies, water supply companies and gas supply companies were developed and implemented. 

SHC is a modern software product developed based on MS SQL Server database management system, designed for the purpose of automation of calculation of utility and other payments and keeping a single database. SHC meets the latest requirements to operating speed, reliability, information security, database maintenance level, service opportunities and designed to be operated in the Single Processing Centers of the cities (regions), big operating companies. 


Keeping a single database for fees and payments. 

Calculating building maintenance fees and utility fees separately for every personal account based on personal unique data. 

Automatic recalculation of charges for any personal account for any period. 


Generating and print output of targeted bills for residential and utility services and other services, certificates, lists and reports of statistical and accounting nature, other documents, including with diagrams and charts used. 

Input and processing of payments made by people for utilities and other services and allocation of payments by personal accounts. 

Considering the results meeting expectations as output of information system development, we are sure that you take a confident step forward along with new information technologies, when ordering software from us.

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