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Receiving a bill by e-mail

We are happy to inform you that utility consumers have a new opportunity of receiving bills printed by ALSECO JSC. You can now subscribe for a service to receive bills by e-mail. 


Receiving utility bills by e-mail has a set of obvious benefits compared to delivery of such bills by post. 


First, if you leave for vacation or a long trip, the bill will be sent to your e-mail in time. 

Second, you may be sure that the bill will be delivered to the addressee and intercoms or dogs met by a mail carrier will never interfere with the delivery as it happens with delivery of paper bills. 

And finally, now you will decide when to “take out” your bill from a virtual mailbox and do not need to remember when you last checked your old-fashioned mailbox, as your parents used to do. 


In order to receive bills by e-mail, you need to file a standard application and provide the following documents:

1) a copy of your identity card; and

2) a copy of the document confirming the ownership title to the apartment (sale and purchase agreement, gift agreement, certificate of inheritance or other documents resulting in the title occurrence, and owner’s information);

The application and the above documents can be submitted to the Contract Department of ALSECO JSC or sent to or podpiska@alseс in scanned form



If subscribed for delivery by e-mail,

paper bills will not be sent.


If utility consumer fails to pay for such services under the bills received to his/her e-mail for two consecutive months, ALSECO JSC stops sending bills by e-mail and resumes delivery of paper bills by post. 


ALSECO JSC takes care of convenience of payment for utility services. We do our best to make bill payment as convenient and fast as possible for every utility consumer. 

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