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Bill Advertising

ALSECO JSC providers bill advertising services, when your advertisement is printed on utility bills and delivered to utility consumers on a monthly basis. Consumer keeps such bills before and after they are paid. If you place your advertisement on the bill, every time a person refers to them, he/she sees the advertisement.
A number of bills printed by ALSECO JSC: 514,000 for Almaty and 270,000 for Almaty Region.

Advertisement on ALSECO bills is the only way of target advertising for Almaty for the entire city!

Placement Options:


Leaflets attached to the bills.

Distribution area:
Almaty: 390,000 bills (apartments). 116,000 bills (houses). Leaflet size: 100*210 mm, paper density 120 g or less.

·         You can choose any administrative district of Almaty  (minimum number of printed copies: 12,000).

·         You can choose any microdistrict, if it is specified in the address line (e.g., Aksai, Orbita, etc.)

·         It is possible to attach bill advertising for consumers living in new buildings.

Advertising block printed on the bill

Distribution area:
Almaty: 514,000 bills (apartments and houses). 

·         You can choose apartments or houses

Almaty Region: 270,000 bills.
Advertisement printed on the back of the bill. Advertising block size: 100*210 mm.

·         You can choose any village in Almaty Region (no requirements to minimum number of printed copies)

Frequency:  once a month 

Delivery of bills: before the 20th day of every month


Procedures required: signing a contract

Contact details:

Tel.:  (727) 378 06 02
Fax: (727) 378 08 01 


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