Information system designed for electronic registration of enforcement proceedings, automation of legal actions of law enforcement officer and acquisition of data on the progress of enforcement proceedings by the parties to the enforcement proceedings.

Purpose of the system

Ensuring the enforcement of court rulings in a prompt and high quality manner.

- Accepting and registering enforcement documents issued with a personal delivery and received through integration with the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan and the Administrative Police Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Obtaining information on a debtor from information systems of the state authorities through integration with the Information Exchange System of law enforcement and specific authorities of the Prosecutor General's Office of Kazakhstan

Transition to
a digital mode

The transition to a digital mode of information exchange between the State Authorities and electronic management of enforcement proceedings allowed:

  • creating a single database for information exchange between the state authorities
  • reducing excessive document flow and paper consumption;
  • saving time of law enforcement officers;
  • reducing time for removal of encumbrances imposed upon enforcement proceedings
  • receiving information on debtor’s status, property, including information on account with the second-tier banks, etc. in a prompt manner.

The system started operating in the industrial sector

  • Information security
  • Technical support of system users
  • Project management
  • Maintenance and technical administration of the system
  • Information system upgrading and development