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IS ANP is an effective tool to increase revenues to the local budget.

Specific features

IS ANP features downloading information on registered and deregistered vehicles, real estate and land lots owned by payers and penalties imposed, which allows you to see the broad picture of tax arrears and penalties for all taxpayers in the region, including local government bodies of rural districts.

Information management

IS ANP features are designed for convenient maintenance of information, and its subsequent acquisition in the required formats. In addition, the program has effective features for formation and printing of notices of the calculated amounts of taxes, where you can add information on penalties; mass printing of notices of debts and subsequent automated preparation of materials to send to the judicial authorities.


Amount of tax collected increased by


The facility base increased by

by 6 times

The waiting period for inquiry reduced

  • A unified database
  • Identification of unregistered facilities
  • Performing analysis in different versions
  • Rapid integration with other systems
  • Increased amount of tax collection by providing accurate information within a short time
  • Placement of information on utility bills
  • Reduced time and cost of processing payment information
  • Reduced time for re-registration of property